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As many as 100 patches of fentanyl stolen, police warn
The extremely powerful opioid has been gaining popularity recently. Police are warning a substantial quantity of the drug has been stolen from a downtown pharmacy

Toronto Star — As many as 100 patches of the dangerous drug fentanyl have been stolen from a downtown pharmacy, Toronto police say.

Fentanyl, a harmful synthetic opioid more than 100 times more powerful than heroin, has been gaining popularity in recent months, but police warn it can be lethal.

Between 14 and 20 boxes, each containing five patches, were stolen in a break-in at a pharmacy near Church St. and Queen St. E. around noon on Thursday. Nothing except the fentanyl was stolen, leading investigators to believe it was a targeted robbery. More...

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Mental health commission could get new addictions mandate


Ottawa Citizen –  Mental health advocates are praising the Conservatives’ plan to shift the mandate of the mental health commission to research linkages between drugs and mental illness, as long as it remains arm’s-length from government and the politics of its anti-drug strategy. More...


Anti-Heroin Law Helps Illinois Residents Treat Addiction, Unless You’re Poor

Bruce Rauner waving

thefix.com — Major provisions of the new bill were cut by a multi-millionaire governor that would have helped low-income families with addiction.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) eliminated major provisions of the Heroin Crisis Act, a bill aimed to ameliorate several problems related to the state's severe opiate problem. More...


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The two million Britons hooked on painkillers: Prescription drugs acquired from friends, dealers and online are used to get high

Woman charged for pretending to be nurse, giving Botox injections

Things you might not know about Mr. Rogers

Creep. Jared Fogle to Seek Treatment for Sexual Disorders

California Wildfires: Can Burning Marijuana Fields Get You High?

Wild assistant coach Sydor enters substance abuse program following drunk driving charge

‘Flakka,’ the new killer drug, is spreading across the country

How computers can predict schizophrenia by the way a person talks

New Memoir Brings Awareness to Blackout Trend

WOW: California judge orders trial to determine if Scientology drugged incoming rehab patients

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Sudbury column: Fentanyl Patch 4 Patch law needed

fentanyl (file photo)Vic Fedeli, Guest Columnist -- Over the summer, abuse of the potent and potentially deadly prescribed pain medication fentanyl has started to make headlines across the country. Seemingly inexplicable deaths in B.C. and elsewhere have finally brought this shocking and troublesome trend to the fore. But in communities like mine, a hefty toll has already been paid. In my hometown of North Bay alone, 16 deaths have been attributed to fentanyl in recent years. Nationwide, the total from 2009 to 2014 is counted at 655. This will only continue to grow unless we take action. More...

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New Documentary Makes The Case For Supervised Heroin Injection Sites In New York
"If we don't come up with a plan, we're going to lose a lot of human life."


Huffington Post — A new documentary is shedding light on the thousands of residents of New York state who inject heroin in public or semi-public places, with dire consequences for their health and their communities.  More...

Booze in supermarkets unfair to those with alcohol issues: Fiorito
The sale of booze in supermarkets is a nice idea of you like a drink; it’s hell on those who have trouble with their drinking.

Joe Fiorito, Toronto Star - The newspapers unfurl on the kitchen table every morning, and for an hour I am an old-school general of the news, absorbing fresh troop movements and daily atrocities.

It is early and I am not done with coffee, nor have I eaten an orange or an egg, when the LCBO ad insert falls out of the paper, and I suddenly feel the need for clear gin in bottles blue or green, and a pale cold glass of pilsner, and rye whiskey splashed over crystal cubes of ice and, yes, a delicate glass of wine as dark as blood.  More...

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2003/2007: Full time talk host of "The Nightside" on CFRB.

1. First off, how did you get into radio? What attracted you to the medium?

I was a little kid who had CHUM on my radio all day and under my pillow at night growing up! All of my heroes were deejays on CHUM, and I was determined I was going to be one! Never did work at CHUM Toronto, although I was with the company off and on over 20 years in other Canadian markets. I got into radio at the University of Waterloo and the rest is history, I guess.

2. Your current radio gig is hosting "People Helping People," a show about addictions on CFRB every week, which you started way back in the CKLW days -- in recovery, you've become a certified addiction counselor and you're using it on the air. What compelled you to take your personal experiences and use them to help others in this manner? What drives you to pay it forward, in a manner of speaking?  More...
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