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When Fathers Recover from Substance Abuse, Children Show Improved Behavior, Functioning

New study says therapy makes a real difference in the quality of the children's lives

Buffalo, NY - Researchers at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) and Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Va., have found that when fathers recover from substance abuse, children exhibit significant improvements in psychosocial functioning. More...


A Crowd in Black Remembers an 'Honest' Musician
Sonia Sanchez, 27, remembers the very first time she heard the Ramones. It was years ago — she and a friend were the last two stragglers in a club in Spain — and the disc jockey let one of the band's records spin from start to finish.

"I just ran to the turntable and tried to see what it was," Ms. Sanchez recalled. "I said: `This is my thing. I've finally found my thing!' " (Free Registration Req'd) More...


US Govt. Endorses 25 Private Drug Prevention Plans
WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) - Federal health officials touted 25 private drug use prevention projects Friday as part of an ongoing government effort to focus public dollars on programs that produce verifiable results. More...


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To: FEEDBACK@markelliot.com
Subject: thanks

Hi Mark,

This isn't really an e-mail asking for help or anything, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your show. Also, I wanted to say thanks for your show last week on OCD. I've had it for years ( now I'm 16). People really need to know about OCD, because it doesn't seen to be something everyone wants to talk about. And it's so important that the stigma of being "crazy" when you have OCD is eradicated.
Anyway, I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your spin on psychological drugs. I've never been on them even though "I should be", and I'm doing fine. It even helps knowing that I don't need drugs to be okay.

Methamphetamine 'speeds up' HIV

The drug appears to speed up virus reproduction

The drug appears to speed up virus reproduction

The drug methamphetamine may increase the replication of HIV cells in the brain, scientists suggest.
A US study looking at feline immunodeficiency virus found exposing the virus to the drug increased the cells ability to replicate FIV by as much as 15-fold. More...

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Why Doctors Don't E-Mail

DR. ADAM SCHNEIDER, an internist in Austin, Tex., is as computer-adept a doctor as you are likely to find. He uses a Compaq iPaq hand-held for quick access to reference materials and medical records and to navigate the Web. He has three computers at home, and he is the one who configures all the computers for his practice. (Free Registration Req'd) More...
Rick Friedman for The New York Times

THE DOCTOR IS ONLINE Dr. Richard Parker of Boston sent a patient to a dermatologist after she sent him a digital photo of a bruise on her arm.

Connecting Depression and Artistry

Everyone knows that creative geniuses are all mad. At least that is what the time-honored notion linking creativity and mental illness holds.

Recently, this was underscored by "A Beautiful Mind," the film about the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician Dr. John Forbes Nash Jr., who struggled with schizophrenia. Bedeviled by hallucinations and delusions, Dr. Nash is seen scribbling mathematical formula on his Princeton dorm window and doing pioneering work on game theory in a pub. But in real life, Dr. Nash accomplished his greatest mathematics before his illness really took hold. (Free Registration Req'd) More...
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The ‘Sextasy’ Craze

Clubland’s dangerous party mix: Viagra and ecstasy

Saturday Night on CFRB 1010

Buzzed The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy


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UK Doctors lobby for shock tobacco ads

The shock ads have been used in Canada

LONDON - Seven European cancer research groups are linking up to push the European Commission to include graphic warnings on cigarette packets.
European regulators are considering endorsing the same shocking adverts already launched in Canada and Brazil. More...


Do you spend a lot of time worrying about the toxic component of your urine or hair? The pH levels in your homegrown Big Buddha? Or the precise location of your nearest doob-positive criminal attorney?

Or when "Stoner of the Year" Snoop Doggy Dogg urges you to "blaze up one of them blunts," do you reach for the Big Bambus? If so, you must already be familiar with High Times, the magazine devoted to pot and its squiffy-eyed devotees.

Dr Steven R. Miller Ph.D


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How about Spit- therapy? That’s one where other addicts in treatment spit on you as a punishment for wrong-thinking. Never heard of it?
Well, how about Desert Therapy? As one organization explains it: "providers who are committed to the utilization of outdoor modalities to assist young people and their families to make positive change."
Never mind that it’s for 21 days where nothing is done to address the issues of addiction, except to place the addict somewhere not listed in the Zip Code Directory…Sound good?

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