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What is People Helping People?


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People Helping People began as a radio show about addictions and recovery in 1996.  Hosted by Mark Elliot, a certified addiction counsellor and a recovering person himself.  The show was designed as a place where you could ask any question about addictions and alcoholism and provided a forum for people in recovery to share their experiences.  It became an instant hit with listeners who said: "It's like a meeting I can take with me."  Heard today on News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto and online at cfrb.com People Helping People continues to speak to addicts, alcoholics, families, and anyone who is affected by addiction.  The award winning show has been honoured numerous times and continues to be a place where troubled people find real answers about addiction.

Mark Elliot CAC II, has worked as a counsellor and interventionist for more than 10 years in private practice.  His career took him to the heights of fame in broadcasting as an announcer, reporter and writer before an addiction to drugs and alcohol came close to ending his life.  In 1987 he checked into the Brentwood Recovery Home in Windsor for a 3 month treatment program which taught him how to live his life again without drugs, but most importantly: Showed him how to live life happily, clean and drug free.  This is the program that he now teaches others to use to turn their lives around.  Listeners hear stories which sometimes begin with a confused, intoxicated call to People Helping People and follow along with the persons story as they use or don't use the advice given.  Callers have complete anonymity.  No record is kept of who is calling and lines are never under surveillance.  That has meant that the people calling are able to share freely about the problems they have.

Mark remembers the call that came from a young man in upstate New York one night.  "He said he was afraid for his life because he was delivering a car full of drugs when people started shooting at him."  Elliot's next question was "What did you do with the drugs?"  The boy said he "had them stashed someplace safe."  Elliot continues, "My concern was for a scared young man caught in the middle of something bad and gone totally wrong.  The answer was simple:  Call the people with the guns and tell them where they can find their drugs."  Then as an aside he added: "Oh yeah, and find a new job.  Something that doesn't involve drugs, guns and crazy people."

"People have called while hiding in closets so they can't be overheard" according to Elliot.  The most common calls come from concerned family members trying to come to terms with addicted family members.  "They want to help, but don't know how?"


Beginning in 2001 Elliot took on interventions to compel addicts to get the help they need.  Sometimes the interventions are done by working with family members, but for others Elliot has assembled a crew of people ready to deal with almost any situation.  "We do work that no one else can do" getting people who are otherwise out of control to turn their lives around.  Many times it involves painstaking research with contacts on the streets and tips from family members, but "the results speak for themselves" to Mark.  People who otherwise would have died, gone to prison or institutions are among the successful clients he has helped.

"It's always a treat when one of my clients celebrates a year clean from drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other addiction you can think of," he says.  "I insist they let me speak for their first anniversary and the reward is in seeing families reunited.  Loving children and relatives celebrating the success they prayed for."

It doesn't always work out perfectly.  There is no guarantee of success in any intervention.  But, one thing is for sure - If you do nothing...Nothing changes.

Find out how Intervention can save the life of someone you love.  Call Mark Elliot today at (416) 855-3147.  All calls are confidential.

Or listen live every Saturday night from 11 pm to 2 am on News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto. Online at www.cfrb.com