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Toronto could explore expanded gambling at Woodbine Racetrack

Global News Toronto – The city’s Executive Committee wants staff to hold public consultations in Etobicoke to test the appetite for expanding gaming at Woodbine beyond the current slot machines.

But one executive member says the report would be a wasted effort because there’s no public information about what Woodbine Entertainment is planning. More...


Study Finds Zero-Tolerance Drug Policies In School Cause More Harm Than Good
Researchers found that harsh punishment can lead to more substance abuse.

Teenager ArrestedTheFix.com –  Teenagers notoriously want to do the opposite of whatever an authority figure tells them to do, which could explain a new study that suggests zero-tolerance drug policies in schools only make drug use more rampant.

The findings, published last week in the American Journal of Public Health, analyzed data from the International Youth Development Survey of 7th and 9th graders from Washington State and Victoria, Australia.

Legally high? Teenagers and prescription drug abuse

Medical News Today - Legal drugs such as OxyContin now kill more people than heroin and cocaine combined. While awareness of the dangers of illegal drugs has increased, many teens are still ignorant of the significant physical danger posed by legally prescribed drugs, according to a new study in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

"The CDC has classified the situation as an epidemic," write authors Richard Netemeyer (University of Virginia), Scot Burton (University of Arkansas), Barbara Delaney (Partnership for Drug Free Kids), and Gina Hijjawi (American Institutes for Research). "Prescription drugs are seen as blessed by a trusted institution, the FDA, while increasingly aggressive advertising by drug companies simultaneously floods parents and children with messages that these substances are safe, popular, and beneficial." More...


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Death by Pot Candy: Multiple Fatalities in Colorado Linked to Marijuana Edibles

Three Drinks a Day Could Cause Liver Cancer

Substance abuse among pregnant women increasing, says St. John's pediatrician

'Shatter' drug prompts police warning in Stratford, Ont.

Ontario MD watchdog scraps controversial methadone registry

Can you unplug, or are you ‘addicted’?

Alberta: Blood Tribe members shown how to prevent overdoses as reserve battles fentanyl crisis

 "Captain Donald Alexander Malcolm Jr., 60, died Feb. 28, while smoking, drinking whiskey and telling lies. He died from complications resulting from being stubborn, refusing to go to the doctor, and raising hell for six decades"

Marijuana Is Changing the Workplace. Here’s How Employers Should Deal With It.

Charges: Man who stole computer says it magically appeared in bag of jewels he found

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 Does Your Family Take Advantage of You?
How the Need to Avoid Guilty Feelings Turns us into Doormats

Walking the dogpsychologytoday.com - Recently I asked my daughter, who was visiting from out of town, to walk the dog before she left the house. She cheerfully said “sure” and went about getting dressed to go out while I went out to the store. When I returned, she was rushing to put her coat on and said, “Mom, I’m running late. I won’t have time to walk to dog – my friend is waiting for me.” Typically, I would have thought, “Well, I don’t want to keep her friend waiting. I’ll just walk the dog myself”, but this time, I said, “Nah, could you just take her around the block before you leave?” which she did. More...
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In Brazil, Some Inmates Get Therapy With Hallucinogenic Tea


New York Times - As the night sky enveloped this outpost in Brazil’s Amazon basin, the ceremony at the open-air temple began simply enough.

Dozens of adults and children, all clad in white, stood in a line. A holy man handed each a cup of ayahuasca, a muddy-looking hallucinogenic brew. They gulped it down; some vomited. Hymns were sung. More ayahuasca was consumed. By midnight, the congregants seemed strangely energized. Then the dancing began.

Government anti-drinking messages irrelevant to young binge drinkers, study finds
Medical News Today - Government advertising campaigns to tackle excessive drinking are dismissed as irrelevant by young binge drinkers, because consuming extreme quantities of alcohol is part of their sub-cultural social identity, according to research published in the Journal of Business Research.

Researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London, together with a team from three other UK universities, discovered that official messages are unlikely to work with groups where behaviour is motivated by the need to subvert rules and norms. More...

Dr Steven R. Miller PhD

Mouse Party
Take a look inside the brains of mice on drugs

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10 Questions with ... Mark Elliot

AllAccess.com- May 29, 2012

1972: Overnights on CHIC 790, Brampton, Ontario
1972/74: Morning Man on CFOM AM, Quebec City, Quebec
1974/75: Overnights on CFRW AM, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1975/86: Evenings on CFRA AM, Ottawa, Ontario
1986/87: Evenings on CFGO AM, Ottawa, Ontario
1988/95: Evenings on CKLW FM, Windsor/Detroit
1995/2000: "People Helping People" originating on CKLW AM, Windsor and carried on the CHUM Radio Network in Canada.
2000/2002: "People Helping People" originating on CFMJ Toronto and carried on CKLW AM, Windsor
2002/Today: "People Helping People" Saturdays on CFRB AM, Toronto.
2003/2007: Full time talk host of "The Nightside" on CFRB.

1. First off, how did you get into radio? What attracted you to the medium?

I was a little kid who had CHUM on my radio all day and under my pillow at night growing up! All of my heroes were deejays on CHUM, and I was determined I was going to be one! Never did work at CHUM Toronto, although I was with the company off and on over 20 years in other Canadian markets. I got into radio at the University of Waterloo and the rest is history, I guess.

2. Your current radio gig is hosting "People Helping People," a show about addictions on CFRB every week, which you started way back in the CKLW days -- in recovery, you've become a certified addiction counselor and you're using it on the air. What compelled you to take your personal experiences and use them to help others in this manner? What drives you to pay it forward, in a manner of speaking?  More...
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